Visualization and Reporting Software

Reportāre is a visualization and reporting software package that can help your company share specific data from Microsoft Power BI
without granting access to your Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.


Power BI Data Sharing

In the big data world of reporting, visual tools are essential to analyze information and make data-driven decisions. Today, many companies rely on Microsoft Power BI to connect and visualize data.

However, what happens when your company only wants to share specific portions of your data? Enter Reportāre: a visualization and reporting software package accessible through a web-based platform, allowing you to select specific Power BI reports and assign permissions.


Only Share The Data You Want


We offer you a full integration with Microsoft Power BI.


You determine which Power BI reports you want to share.


We offer you data security

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Share the valuable insights of specific data of your company with whom you choose.

Work together with your collaborators to make better business decisions or easily generate rich visual analytics reports.

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